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GossHawk Travels to Dallas, TX for NWOC 2014

Dave and Lindsey Goss traveled to Dallas, Texas to attend the 20th anniversary National Warbird Operator Conference. The conference was held February 20th through the 23rd, packed with seminars and activities. GossHawk participated as a sponsor, and setup a display. Dave and Lindsey were able to see old friends, take a tour of the 6th Floor Museum, make new friends, attend seminars, and see all the great aircraft at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

GossHawk Display at the National Warbird Operator Conference.
1 GossHawk Display

Dave Goss and Lindsey Goss were honored to meet and talk with WWII Veteran Jerry Yellin.
2 Dave Goss, Lindsey Goss, and Jerry Yellin

Jerry Yellin going up in the Stearman.
3 Jerry Yellin

Dave and Lindsey Goss toured Fifi.
4 Dave Goss and Lindsey Goss with Fifi

Lindsey Goss stands with the Curtiss P-40 at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.
5 Lindsey Goss with Curtiss P-40

Dave Goss stands in front of the Bell 47 at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.
6 Dave Goss with Bell 47

After seeing the 6th Floor Museum, Linc Dexter took Lindsey and Dave Goss out to dinner, and enjoyed a nice steak dinner with other friends at NWOC.
7 Dinner after Museum

Lindsey Goss met Kevin Lacey at NWOC.
8 Lindsey Goss and Kevin Lacey

Over the Front

“Over The Front” Volume 28 Number 4 Winter 2013

Wade L. Eakle of “Over The Front” magazine wrote a story titled, Honoring the Memory and Legacy of the “Arizona Balloon Buster”. In this story, you will learn about how the memory of Frank Luke Jr. has been preserved in AZ, as well as other places in the country. Wade Eakle features the S.P.A.D. XIII that hangs in Terminal #3 at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Check out this great story!