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Sadly, today marks a year that we lost our dear friend Mr. Champlin. Thank you for all that you contributed to the aviation world, and thank you for all that you did for GossHawk. You are missed dear friend!

Doug Champlin

Lindsey and Dave Goss attend Warbirds Over the Beach in Virginia Beach, VA

The Military Aviation Museum had its annual Warbirds Over the Beach May 17th and 18th. Lindsey and Dave Goss attended the show on Saturday the 17th with Lindsey’s cousin and Dave’s niece, Anna Cardoso. Anna loves photography, and took all of the pictures this time so that Lindsey could enjoy the show! On Sunday, Lindsey was able to spend more time at the show; this time with her cousin Anna, her Uncle John, and second cousins Christian and Becca. This show was special for Lindsey, Dave, and the whole family. On Thursday, May 15th, Dave’s dad Major David E. Goss passed away. Lindsey and the family attended the show in memory of him, couldn’t think of a better way to honor Dave’s dad!

The show had lots to offer! There were planes on static display, flying, and attendees also had the opportunity to walk through the museum and look at the planes that were not out for the show. In addition to all of the beautiful airplanes, there was opportunities to speak with veterans, shopping, reenactments, and great food! The volunteers did a great job, and are very happy to talk to you and share the history of the airplanes. A few of the planes that took to the sky were the Mosquito, Mustang, P-40, Skyraider, TBM, PBY, B-25, Corsair, Wildcat, Spitfire, Hurricane, and many more. Spectators also got to see the rare Me-262 jump in the mix!

I want to give a special thank you to Anna Cardoso for taking so many great pictures! If you have not been to this show, I definitely recommend trying to make it in the future! For more pictures from the show, check out the Warbirds Over the Beach 2014 album on our Facebook page.

Jerry Yagen has a great collection at the Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach, VA.
1   Warbirds Over the Beach

Loading up the Ju-52 with paratroopers.
2   Warbirds Over the Beach

The paratroopers leave the Ju-52.
3   Warbirds Over the Beach

The Hurricane sits out on the ramp at the Military Aviation Museum.
4   Warbirds Over the Beach

There were several T-6’s at the show.
5   Warbirds Over the Beach

Lindsey and Dave stand in front of the Flug Werk Focke-Wulf Fw 190.
6   Warbirds Over the Beach

Lindsey sits against the hangar with Becca and Christian, teaching them all about aviation. They are excited and asked lots of questions!
7   Warbirds Over the Beach

The P-64 and P-40 fly in formation.
8   Warbirds Over the Beach

The Me-262 flew over from Suffolk for the show.
9   Warbirds Over the Beach

The crew closes up the PBY for the day.
10   Warbirds Over the Beach

Lindsey stands with her favorite airplane.
11   Warbirds Over the Beach

The P-26 Peashooter sitting on static display at the show.
12   Warbirds Over the Beach

Lindsey and Jerry Yagen talk after the show.
13   Warbirds Over the Beach

The Mosquito is headed out for her photo flight.
14   Warbirds Over the Beach

A beautiful shot of the Stearman.
15   Warbirds Over the Beach

In Memory of Major David E. Goss

David E. Goss was a very special man; father of Dave Goss (Dave is one of five children), and grandfather of Lindsey Goss (Lindsey is one of ten grandchildren). Had it not been for this one man, GossHawk Unlimited would not exist today. Dave Goss followed in his dad’s footsteps and joined the military at a young age. After serving out his time in the military, Dave new it was in his heart to work on old aircraft. Had it not been for his dad’s service, and Dave’s great respect for that, he might not have traveled the path in life that led to GossHawk. It was no mistake that the GossHawk hangar was built for a B-17 project, and Dave has extensive experience with Focke-Wulf’s (which was the type of aircraft that shot David down). Like any other boy, Dave idolizes his father.

David E. Goss was a bombardier/navigator on the B-17 in WWII. Unfortunately, he was shot down on his first mission. Shortly after being shot down, David became a POW in Germany. After almost a year and a half of being in the POW camp, David made his escape. He eventually made his way back to the states, where he continued his career in the Air Force for over twenty years. David retired as a navigator on C-130’s, which was his favorite airplane.

Thank you for your service and for fighting for our freedom. You touched so many lives, and you will be missed by so many. I love you Grandpa!

David E. Goss

The Privateer traveled to California for the Chino Airshow

On Friday May 2nd, the Privateer took off from Casa Grande, AZ headed to the Chino Airshow. Lindsey and Dave caught a ride to the show! This was Lindsey’s first trip to Chino, she had a ton of fun and met lots of new people. Dave enjoyed one day of airshow fun, then had to return to AZ to work. The PB4Y-2 was on display at the show, and headed back home to Casa Grande on Sunday afternoon.

The Chino Airshow was a great success! The show had something for everyone! Airplanes were displayed on the ramp all weekend, the Horsemen performed at the show among other warbirds, great food, shopping, and fun for all! The show had WWII Veteran’s in attendance to share their stories with everyone, they were all so amazing!

Taking off from Casa Grande, AZ in the Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer, headed for Chino!

Getting closer to Chino!
2 Chino

Dave and Uncle Jack sit in the waist section of the Privateer.
3 Chino

The photo plane has arrived for a photo op of the Privateer!
4 Chino

Great view of Lake Matthews!
5 Chino

The PB4Y-2 crew sits down for dinner after a long day!
6 Chino

Lindsey and Giacomo Di Gennaro stand next to the waist window of the PB4Y-2 at the show!
7 Chino

The Heritage flight at the show.
8 Chino

Bud Anderson shares his experiences as a WWII Mustang Ace.
9 Chino

Lindsey and John Muszala II stand next to Privateer.
10 Chino

The Privateer returns home, landing at the Casa Grande airport.

PB4Y-2 Privateer Engine Run, Getting Ready for Chino

We ran the Privateer earlier in the week to make sure she was ready for Chino. Everything went well, and she is ready to go! She will be departing from Casa Grande tomorrow at 10:00am. See you in Chino!