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In Memory of Jeff Pino

We had the privilege of having Jeff Pino in our lives for two years. It was much too short, but to call him a friend for a short period of time was better than none. Jeff came to us in February 2014 and asked us to take care of his P-51, from that point on we became quick friends. Jeff’s personality was a good match with the Goss family, and although it was so short we felt like Jeff was a longtime friend.

Over those two years we saw Jeff quite a bit. Not only taking care of his airplanes, but also at airshows and when he would drop in for a quick visit or lunch. Jeff was always interested in what was going on at GossHawk, he was a big supporter. He liked to wear his GossHawk shirt out and about, to Oshkosh and several times he came out for a visit to our shop wearing our shirt. When we took the Privateer to Oshkosh in 2015, Jeff had planned on going but extenuating circumstances prevented it. Even though Jeff could not go, he wanted updates of our trip at the stops we made and how the Privateer was doing.

Jeff was not only a good customer, but a fun friend. Dave and I got to spend some time with Jeff at the Reno Air Races in 2014. One of my favorite memories was at the go cart track with Jeff. He had only been in our lives for about six months at that point, but that did not stop him from sticking it to me on the track. Our first lap, Jeff all but took me out, he hit me so hard I had a bruise on my back the next day. Next lap, Dave really took Jeff out and then those two battled it out to the end while I took the lead and won the race. It was good fun!

My favorite memory with Jeff was when he took me up in his P-51. I was honored, proud and excited to be his first passenger. He had dual controls installed and wanted to see how it would feel with a light person in the back, as well as how comfortable it would be for a passenger. I jumped at the opportunity! It was such a fun flight for the both of us! This was before I had started my pilot training, and I will never forget that Jeff taught me “step on the ball”. Meaning that on the needle and ball instrument, it shows a ball that is supposed to be centered in the middle. When it goes off to the left or the right, you are to apply either right rudder or left rudder depending which way the ball went. Now whenever I hear that phrase I will always think of Jeff.

There are so many good memories of Jeff that I could share and go on and on. I made a video that includes pictures that I took during his visits to GossHawk as well as times we saw him at his home, Reno, and Copperstate. Most of the pictures are of Jeff and his P-51. He loved to fly her, and I loved to photograph her!

Jeff, it is not the same without you popping in for lunch! We miss you so much, and we will always cherish your friendship!

Warbirds International July-August 2015

“Warbirds International” Vol. 34/No. 7, July/August 2015

At the end of April GossHawk Unlimited and Klaus Plasa conducted test flights of Dan Kirkland’s Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-8/N. Klaus is a test pilot from Germany who has flown several of the Flug Werk Focke-Wulfs, among many other aircraft. May 1st, our friends from Warbirds International came out for a photo flight. They got some great pictures of the Focke-Wulf over the Arizona desert. Michael O’Leary put together a great story with a detailed background of the pilot in which the markings represent, Josef Pips Priller.

“Air Classics” Vol. 51No. 6, June 2015

“Air Classics” Vol. 51/No. 6, June 2015

Doug Fisher stopped by a couple months back for his annual visit. It is always a pleasure to see Doug and his Father each year! They come out to see what new and exciting things are going on at GossHawk, and report back to the warbird community. Doug wrote a nice article and got some great photos. If you are interested in finding out what is going on at GossHawk, check out the June 2015 Air Classics!

Major David E. Goss the Inspiration of GossHawk

Today marks a year that Major David E. Goss passed away. Although David never did work at GossHawk, and is not the creator, he without a doubt is the inspiration of the operation. GossHawk would not be here today if it were not for this incredible man. You are loved and will always be missed.

David E. Goss

Second Annual Aviation Archeology Symposium at the Seattle Museum of Flight

On March 14th and 15th 2015, the Seattle Museum of Flight hosted their second annual Aviation Archeology Symposium. The symposium focused on the recovery of aircraft, archeological aspects of aircraft, in addition to aircraft restoration. The symposium this year included many presenters from last year’s symposium, as well as some new additions. Dave and Lindsey Goss were returning presenters for this event.

This year Dave and Lindsey’s presentation focused on challenges and decision making during a restoration. Restoration of an aircraft can go down several different paths, depending on what the customer wants. For some aircraft owners original, airworthy, or a combination of both is the desired way to go. Although being original is very important to some owners/agencies, restoring an aircraft to original standards can present the most challenges. In the presentation we looked at examples of challenges faced, and the different kinds of decisions that need to be made during restoration. We also talked about some of the current projects in the GossHawk shop.

This event is always an exciting one for Dave and Lindsey because it allows them to visit with industry friends in the area, but also allows them to visit the collection that is so near and dear to their hearts. The majority of Champlin Fighter Collection is now housed in the Personal Courage Wing at the Seattle Museum of Flight. Dave was involved in the majority of these airplane restorations and maintained the collection for many years; Lindsey grew up with all of these beautiful airplanes. It is always great to see the staff at the Museum of Flight, Dave and Lindsey are very appreciative to JD and Cale especially for allowing them a little extra time to visit with the planes that they once cared for.

Below are some pictures of Dave, Lindsey, and friends at the symposium, the aircraft in the Champlin Collection, and a video of the presentation given by Dave and Lindsey.

Bob Mester (left) and Mark Allen (right) of Underwater Admiralty Sciences stand next to their display with Lindsey.

Dave stands with friends Mark (left) and Bob (right) at the Aviation Archeology Symposium.

Lindsey and Dave stand with the Huey that is on display at the Museum of Flight.

Dave stands next to the position in which he used to fly during his time in Vietnam.

The German Rumpler Taube hangs from the ceiling at the Seattle Museum of flight. This is one of the aircraft from the Champlin Collection; this is also one of the examples discussed in the presentation.

Entering the Personal Courage Wing, this display board can be viewed. The board gives information on the Champlin Collection, as well as the building of the Personal Courage Wing.

Lindsey stands with the P-40 “O’Riley’s Daughter” from the Champlin Collection, her favorite airplane in the Champlin Fighter Museum growing up.

The P-47, “Big Stud”, another beautiful airplane from the Champlin Collection.

The rare Yak-9U from the Champlin Collection.

Heading up to the second floor of the Personal Courage Wing, you get a great view of the WWII aircraft. The P-38 was another plane in the Champlin Collection, and the paint scheme honored Fighter Ace Captain Jack Purdy.

The second floor houses the WWI airplanes. This is the Sopwith Triplane from the Champlin Fighter Collection.

The Sopwith Pup of the Champlin Collection hangs from the ceiling.

Dave and JD stand in front of the Aviatik, also from the Champlin Collection. Dave tells JD some of the details of restoring this aircraft to an airworthy condition, all the way to getting an airworthiness certificate. When it came time to run the airplane, Mr. Champlin said no. He never intended to fly her, but did not want corners to be cut during the restoration. She was too rare to risk the chance of losing her.

Another WWI airplane from the Champlin Collection, the Pfalz D.XII.

Another view of the first floor of the Personal Courage Wing.

Lindsey even had time for a quick cup of coffee with Melinda Davies, who helped design the new GossHawk website a couple years back.

If you were unable to make it to Seattle for the symposium, but wanted to see Dave and Lindsey’s presentation here is it is. Enjoy!

In Loving Memory of “Uncle Jack”, John Andrew Morrissey

On November 16th 2014, the world lost yet another of “The Greatest Generation”, John Andrew Morrissey, or as many of us know him, Uncle Jack. Jack was an amazing man, he had such a big heart and touched so many lives. Jack is a WWII Navy Veteran. He flew PBYs in the Battle of Midway, and was shot down two or three times. Jack lived to be ninety one years old, and had a very full life, with lots of adventures.

Jack, of course being a writer, always had the best stories. Whether he was telling a story in person, or it was a piece from his column, he could get you to hang on his every word. I had the opportunity to hear some of his stories on our PB4Y and Oshkosh adventures. A favorite that comes to mind, is how he got his multi engine rating on the PBY. He was given the Operating Manual to the aircraft, told to read it, and the next day he went up in the PBY. After they landed he was told, “Okay, now you have your multi engine rating.” And just like that he was flying PBYs! Jack also spoke of his wife frequently. She passed away about twenty years ago, but the love he had for her only grew. When he would recall memories of her, it was like they made those memories just yesterday. Jack’s storytelling and writing was absolutely beautiful; it was so vivid and full of detail, that at times you felt like you were actually there.

Jack loved aviation, in particular the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. His stories of Oshkosh were never ending. He always talked of Oshkosh and all the great times in the mess tent. In fact, one of Jack’s great adventures started there in the mess tent at Oshkosh. About three years ago he was approached by Joe Shoen, and asked to be part of the PB4Y-2 crew. Jack jumped at the opportunity and never looked back!

Jack loved and lived life to the fullest till the end. He was always attending airshows, fly-ins, and other aviation events. This year alone, I spent time with him in Chino, Oshkosh, Reno, and here in Casa Grande, AZ at the Copperstate Fly-In. Jack always had a good time and made new friends everywhere he went. For the last three years of his life he traveled with the only flying PB4Y-2 in the world, he was part of the crew. This man knew how to make every moment count.

I have been blessed and honored to have Jack in my life. He has known me since I was a little girl, but these past couple of years that I have been back at GossHawk, Jack has been in my life regularly. I am so grateful that my first trip to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh this year included Jack. When we were unable to bring the PB4Y-2 to Oshkosh this year, Jack was bummed, but still insisted I go. I am glad he did. I would not trade my Oshkosh experience for anything in the world! In fact, I can’t imagine my first Oshkosh experience without Jack.

I had the honor of spending a full eight days with Jack in Oshkosh, WI. It was amazing to watch him; he is loved by so many, he was a celebrity there. He was telling stories all the time, breakfast and dinner conversation was always interesting to say the least. Jack loved it there, so full of energy! Every morning as we arrived at the volunteer tent, I had to jump out of the car as we rolled up because Jack would have his door open and be ready to go as the car rolled to a stop. Even in his nineties, Jack was a hard one to keep up with! By the end of our Oshkosh adventure, he was telling everyone that I was his girlfriend. What an amazing trip, we made so many memories that I will always cherish.

Though Jack is not with us any longer, it makes my heart sing to know that he is now reunited with his wife. I miss you dear friend, until we meet again.

Two pictures of Jack, both in places that were dear to his heart. Jack Morrissey and Dave Goss at Oshkosh EAA AirVenture 2014, in the mess tent. Jack Morrissey and Joe Shoen on the way home from Chino 2014 in the Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer.

1 Jack Morrissey and Dave Goss at Oshkosh EAA AirVenture 2014, in the mess tent

2 Jack Morrissey and Joe Shoen on the way home from Chino 2014 in the Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

The Privateer Engines are Headed to Idaho

Back in July the PB4Y-2 was undergoing her 60 hour inspection. We did compression tests on all of the engines; the #1 and #3 engines both had a cylinder with low compression. We removed the cylinders and sent them off to the engine shop. After further inspection, we deemed that the engines needed to be removed to address unknown issues. We removed the engines, then removed all of the accessories, and now they are packaged up and on their way to Anderson Aeromotive in Idaho. Kaspar was here when they were loaded on the truck and was able to get some video footage. Thanks Kaspar!

Air Classics August 2014

“Air Classics” Vol. 50/No. 8, August 2014

Check out the article on GossHawk Unlimited, Inc. in the August 2014 issue of “Air Classics”! Doug Fisher wrote a great story, New at GossHawk, Latest Restoration Projects at a Busy Vintage and Veteran Aircraft Shop. In this article Doug dives into Dave’s history, starting at the very beginning with the history of his father Major David E. Goss. The article then goes into Dave Goss’s aviation background leading up to the business he created, GossHawk Unlimited. Doug also did a great job of capturing everything that GossHawk is currently working on!

“Big Beautiful Doll” Engine Run

Big Beautiful Doll came in for her annual earlier in the month. We did engine runs, while making adjustments to the take-off power setting and looking for oil leaks. Since we had to take her up to take-off power, the tail needed to be strapped down. All went well, and she went home this morning!

“Ho Hun” Engine Run

“Ho Hun” came in for a prop AD and other maintenance. Dave performs an engine run on the Mustang after all the work has been completed. She is good to go!